Win-win situation for two Fort Hays State University alumni

Jim and Sherry Dipple
Jim and Sherry Dipple

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Among the many fans of Fort Hays State University, Jim and Sherry Dibble of Hays are some of the most loyal supporters. Both FHSU alumni, Dibbles can be found at any number of sporting events throughout the year or attending one of the Encore Series shows or the music and theater production department.

However, these two spirited fans, who met during their time on campus, skip just attending events. They have generously supported the state of Fort Hays for 40 consecutive years.

They are sponsors of the Encore Series, longtime members of the Tiger Club and from the athletic division’s most elite group of benefactors, FHSU Athletic Difference Makers. Recently, they decided to move forward with their charitable work. Dibbles are 1972 and 1973 alumni of FHSU who benefited from a charitable IRA Rollover and set aside funds to go into a series of scholarships for Fort Hays State students.

“We believe that without the education we got from the state of Fort Hays, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do today,” Jim said.

When the charitable Dibbles Rollover discovered the IRA, they found it a perfect match for their needs, saying, “After learning more about the charitable IRA Rollover and how easy it is, we’ve decided to give a percentage of our property to FHSU now so we can see the impact of our gifts across campus and enjoy meeting some Our scholarship recipients while we’re still living.”

Donors who are at least 70.5 years old can use their IRA renewal to support FHSU with a gift of up to $100,000. It’s easy, 100% tax-free, and can reduce their taxable income.

One of Dibbles’ favorite parts about the IRA’s moveable gift is that it allowed them to choose specific areas of the campus they want to support. The Dibble family had the opportunity to choose not only the type of scholarship they wished to create, but also who would be eligible for it.

Dibbles created the scholarships that will support the reading section in honor of Sherry’s mother, who earned two degrees in elementary education from FHSU; to the music department because of their enjoyment of music; to the nursing department because their daughter and daughter-in-law are nurses; one in business and finance, with Jim earning his degree at FHSU and in honor of their son, a financial advisor, who helped with the IRA replenishment process; And one in the farming department since Jim grew up on a farm with a strong appreciation and love for farming, in addition to his 41.5 year career at Farm Credit.

Most people want to leave this earth after they have made a positive and lasting impact. Fort Hays State Tiger family members have a unique opportunity to lower their taxes while creating a legacy at FHSU through a charitable IRA Rollover. A gift of this type may qualify as a minimum required distribution, allowing for a reduction in income and taxes for the year.

Dibbles are making a stunning – and visual – impact on FHSU students who depend on scholarships to complete their education

Jim said, “It’s good to give while you can see the results, and the IRA Rollover Charitable Program is a great benefit that people need to take advantage of. It’s a win-win situation.”

To learn more about the Charitable IRA Rollover, contact Darci Cain with FHSU at 785-628-5719 or [email protected]. You can also visit

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