What is the best place to study fashion design in Pakistan?

There are some areas of education that do not seem to have a very good job market. But if you are exceptionally talented in it, no one can touch the pace of your growth and success. Fashion design is one of those areas.

You see many designers claiming that there is nothing for them on the market. At the same time, you see famous designers who are making money and living the life of a celebrity. What is the difference? Well, the job market is important but there is a way to make your place in the limited opportunities and become a big name. It is challenging and requires all the passion and hard work. The factor that can cause the biggest difference is the institute of study.

In Pakistan, if you are looking for an institute to study fashion design, you will not come up with a very long list. This is because not many people are encouraged to study the subject. However, those who consider themselves fashion designers are making their way. The subject has a large scope abroad and the institutes provide an outstanding education. However, this international level of education is also possible in Pakistan if you are studying in the best institute to study Fashion Design.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design is a place that can give you a high level degree that will prepare you for a promising career in this field. This is why we consider it the best place to get this degree.

Why is PIFD the best?

We find PIFD as the best place to study Fashion Design in Pakistan which is unparalleled in the country so far for many reasons. Education and curricula meet the standards and needs of the market both nationally and internationally. Moreover, it is affiliated with many recognized institutes that help students to gain experience, get higher education and practice in the best fashion institutes in the world. Not only that, but this department focuses on creating excellent self-reliant and talented graduates, entrepreneurs who will represent a brand in their name.

The institute is also famous for its notable alumni who enjoy a good reputation all over the world.

History and courses offered by the institute

The Pakistani textile industry faced a shortage of talented designers for many years after the partition. However, the design trend waned in the motherland. To compensate for this lack of art in the industry, it was established as the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PFSD) in 1994. However, it became PIFD in 2008 and now offers HEC-recognised degrees.

The institute has been strong to achieve its goal adding many graduates like Maria B to the industry and its name on an international level.

PIFD offers undergraduate courses in nearly seven majors now. The first year is the foundation year which is followed by three years of the bachelor’s degree. The foundation year is to determine the basic knowledge and awareness of the field that helps the student to choose his major from the programs offered.

There are four schools affiliated with the institute now which are: School of Fashion Design, School of Textile Design, School of Accessories and Products, and School of Fashion Marketing and Promotion. The School of Accessories and Products also has four departments including Furniture Design and Manufacture, Ceramics and Glassware, Leather and Footwear Accessories, and Gems and Jewelery.

Students are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills such as marketing and entrepreneurship. Moreover, students gain experience and get plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge.

International recognition and affiliations

Working under the chairmanship of Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, this institute has a faculty that is recognized in the best institutes in the world. They are trained by fashion schools in Paris and other famous colleges.

Moreover, PIFD provides endless opportunities for its students to study abroad to attend internships, workshops and study in exchange programs in different countries such as Sweden, France and Boras which is a hub of fashion.

The Institute works in close collaboration with Erasmus+, Commonwealth Societies, and renowned business communities.

The institute also offers several scholarships to fund students through their education. There are many great opportunities for you once you become a part of PIFD. So, if you wish to study in universities of HSY, Nomi Ansari and Sara Rohale institutes.

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