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Hello again PureGamers! 😁 We know that many of you are not only video game lovers but you would also like to dedicate yourselves to them professionally. Today we want to talk to you about TECH Spain is the world’s largest digital university in Spanish It will provide you with all kinds of courses, majors and postgraduate degrees dedicated to the world of video games through TECH School of Video Game Design.

Every year thousands of students trust TECH School of Video Game Design To specialize thanks to its commitment to excellence and its revolutionary educational methods based on the latest educational technologies. We can assure you that you will not find any other college like this! 😱 At TECH they have the largest online postgraduate offer on the market. thus, You can choose from the most sought after branches of the gaming industry For specialization, among them: design, production, programming and virtual reality, as well as programs oriented to the management and direction of video games.

What is TECH Video game design school?

TECH is a digital university born to provide a training solution that meets new professional needs in the digital environment. With over 15 years of undergraduate teaching experience, they are knowledgeable in TECH The importance of the video game industry in today’s society. For this reason, its programs include the latest trends in the sector, adapting learning to new requirements and adding value to the curriculum in an entrepreneurial and highly competitive environment.

At TECH they have a teaching team committed to high-quality teaching, made up of well-known professionals in the sector and specialists in various branches of the profession. This commitment extends to the production, dissemination and preservation of knowledge through education and research, and to the development of its work with the latest educational technologies.

Each software represents a unique value proposition for the video game professional. In this way, the combination of a proven success study method with a high-level teaching team and recognition at both national and international levels makes TECH is the world’s largest digital university in SpanishNS.

employment TECH School of Video Game Design You will have an elite tutorial proposal. Thus, most of its students bypass the competitive labor market, improve their professional conditions and enhance their personal development.

Why choose TECH Video game design school?

Thinking about the future and the training that will make you a great professional in this sector, TECH offers you the possibility to continue to grow with the best advice and training, for something Forbes rated TECH as “the world’s best digital university in Spanish” More can be added if it comes to training in professions related to digital media You are facing the perfect choice!

Starting from the first minute, energetic professionals from the gaming world will accompany and guide you well, we assure you that you will also feel the great sense of community through the university platform and on social networks.

And let’s talk about the economic cost of this type of training Its costs are lower than other online universities! 100% transparent, from the moment you enter to search for the postgraduate degree that interests you the most, you will know the cost of said training and believe us when we tell you about it Their truly affordable costs allow anyone to take their training! And if that is not enough, you can also count on many scholarships 😱

The truth is TECH Universidad Tecnológica, for sure, is the best choice for everyone to start building your future in the world of video games.

How are the classes in TECH?

TECH platform has a virtual campus in it You can access your classes quickly and securely from any device. On the other hand, you have complete freedom to manage your class time as you like, these are the benefits of online training! You will not miss your online classes, which you can access whenever you want and you will also have constant communication with your classmates and teachers.

You can also count on many other resources such as Digital libraries, audio-visual teaching materials, meeting and study rooms… No difference with campus face to face 😉

Why study at a virtual university?

We know that life has changed around the world since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we are currently experiencing a complete transformation towards the digital world and its media. Are we really surprised that more and more people are choosing digital education and training? of course not! And more if it comes from organizations like TECH 🙌

We must realize that integration and adaptation to the virtual world is increasingly necessary and even more so now because conditions, unfortunately, do not allow the development of a normal presence in universities and training institutions. Quality online education is part of the future!

In addition to strength advantages Combine work and study, and do it at your own pace, in a totally customized way and from anywhere in the world Don’t you think the pump? But this is in addition to The cost of a virtual university like TECH is much lower than the cost of any other face to face university.

Visit all information about video game training in school TECH School of Video Game Design is here

For example, if what you are interested in is doing a master’s degree in video games on the TECH page of the same master, you will have all the necessary information so that you have no doubt: price, fees, study program, teachers, etc …, such as what We show it to you in the pictures below:

Tech SpainTech Spain

Tech SpainTech Spain

From PureGaming, we want to encourage you to really get to know TECH School of Video Game Design and the great future opportunity it may present to you. Take the leap towards an excellent training and be a part of the best digital Spanish language school in the world 🤩

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