‘[She] doesn’t understand proper boundaries’

A 17-year-old student does not want her 46-year-old mother at college parties. But her mother wants to be included.

“Am I a ******?” asked Reddit. Forum for advice. When the teen told her mom about a Halloween party she had at school, her mom was upset that she didn’t get an invite. But the daughter thinks it would be unusual for her mother to be there.

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“I transferred to college this year,” the teen said. “I graduated early and completed my first year online from home last year, so this year my mum agreed to let me move into an apartment next to my college (about an hour from home). She and I have always been very close, so I make sure to keep her updated on everything What happens is that I don’t see it often.”

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But things changed when her mom wanted to hang out with the teen’s college friends.

“Last weekend, I went home to visit her and told her about the Halloween party my roommates and I had,” the student wrote. “I thought she’d be excited because I was making friends in college, but instead, I was upset that I never called her and invited her. In my opinion, it’s kind of weird to be a parent at a college party where most of us are under 22, but she loves the style of This life and you feel bad that I don’t include it. It pays for my school, so I honestly feel guilty, but at the same time, I feel like it would be very strange for you to be there.”

Redditors believe the teen has every right not to invite her mother.

“[She] One commented that he “doesn’t get the right boundaries with almost an adult child”.

Another said, “I think it would be weird for you to be there.”

“This would be a good opportunity to set healthy boundaries,” one user suggested.

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