Senior shooting guard Larry Hughes Jr. looking for the right fit

Kansas City, Missouri — an unsigned senior in the Midwest, Larry Hughes Jr. He kicked off his final high school season by showing off some cool gear over the weekend in Kansas City at the Blood, Sweat and Tears event.

Three-star shooting guard for St. Straight to his last season of high school basketball.

Hughes told 247Sports, “My main goal is to win state place. I really want to help my team, to be a team leader. Personally, I want to enroll in college. I’m not committed right now and I’m looking for the right option for me. Those are my big goals.”

“I feel that if my team is with me and I am with them and we are going to win, that is a big part of showing up. If I improve my team, I feel the coaches will come to me.”

The son of longtime NBA player and St. Louis legend Larry Hughes, the old is consistent and mature in his style of game. Watching him, it’s clear that doing the right thing as a team member is important.

Hughes said: “I have a very high IQ and can shoot the ball really well and I think I am a good teammate. I really like to raise the level of my buddies and I will do whatever you want me to do. I work on conditioning to play full games, strengthen my body and some on the ball handling. I am making progress towards my fullest potential and that will come from working out and staying in the gym.”

Hughes enjoys absorbing knowledge from his father and has learned a lot, but he is also working to create his own identity.

Hughes said, “The main thing that’s good is that he can give me a lot of advice, he’s been in the league for 13 plus years, so he has a lot of experience. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. Or there’s pressure, but people always look at me, expect me.” To be him and follow in his footsteps. I’m my character but he’s also my dad and a coach and that comes with him.”

Hughes said he is currently wide open in the hiring process. He had heard of some Ivy League programs like Penn and during the fall he was on campus in Butler. He is also very familiar with his hometown Saint Louis University.

Butler: “I love Butler. It’s a small, tight community and they’re a very basketball-oriented school that I love. I love the coach.” Laval Jordan And Coach Ragland and they love me. We just take our time and see how the team fills up and we’ll go from there.”

St. Louis: “I’m comfortable there. I’ve been by their side since I was born, and Coach Ford has been recruiting me since the eighth grade. There are a lot of family and people I know there.”

As he prepares to balance chasing a state championship, earning scholarships, and choosing a school, Hughes outlines what is ultimately most important in the hiring process.

Hughes said: “I look forward to the style of play and being able to find a place that has the floor and uses their goalkeepers. They also have a winning culture. I think culture is a big part of how things are run, how coaches interact with the players and that kind of family is a big thing for me. Mine “.

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