Sean Jacobs wins 2021 QBW Griffith MBA scholarship

The winners of this year’s QBW Griffith MBA Scholarship for Responsible Leadership competition want to drive change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

With a heavy focus on the 2032 Olympics, major projects consultant Sean Jacobs’ career is more like a marathon, not a sprint.

The 35-year-old public servant, author, educator, and athletic trainer has made the best performance boost ever.

Mr. Jacobs is the winner of this year’s QBW Griffith MBA Scholarship for Responsible Leadership.

Griffith’s MBA fits in perfectly with Mr. Jacobs’ role in planning the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

He currently serves as a lead advisor for advocacy and major projects for Moreton Bay Regional Council. This includes building the feasibility study for the $85 million Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Center and other infrastructure and ensuring the Olympics has a lasting positive legacy for the area.

“The fact that this MBA is based on values ​​is very important,” said the former national water polo champion who still coaches young players as well as mentors students at Griffith University.

“It focuses on sustainable business practices, responsible leadership and has an Asia Pacific perspective. I want to apply these values ​​to my work with the Games and Legacy Legacy – not just for the Moreton region but across Queensland.”

Mr. Jacobs, author of Winners Don’t Cheat: Advice For Young Australians From A Young Australian, has published an autobiography celebrating the accomplishments of Neville Bonner, the country’s first Aboriginal federal politician.

Boehner’s life has inspired Papua New Guinea-born Mr. Jacobs in his career.

“The main lessons are about resilience and the importance of community,” he said.

It’s Year Six The Courier-Mail, now through the Queensland Business Weekly division, has partnered with Griffith Business School to present the popular scholarship competition.

Mr. Jacobs received a full Griffith MBA scholarship of $57,750, and three contestants — Rachel Hansen Alexander Bowen-Rotsaert and Shelley Hartland — received a half-scholarship of $28,875.

Rachel Hansen hopes that her MBA will provide her with the tools, leadership skills, and networking opportunities to make lasting changes to the environment and gender equality.

“I have compared a lot of MBAs and I was really drawn to Griffith for her strong focus on sustainable development goals and responsible leadership,” said Ms Hansen, who is currently leading a carbon neutral project at the Queensland Government Department.

“The MBA is in line with my values ​​and where I see myself going. I really want to be a strong advocate for change. I am looking for solutions to challenges and how we can collaborate and move forward.”

As a volunteer, Ms. Hansen in recent years has established the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Gold Coast Center which finds practical and popular ways to promote the circular economy, address environmental issues and mentor youth.

“I live my life with a purpose. I need to wake up and not be content with a job but know that I am making a positive difference in my community,” said Ms. Hansen, who has the ambition of getting a leadership position in the public service, the sustainability sector or entering politics.

Professor David Grant, Vice-Chancellor of Griffith University (Business), said Griffith University MBA graduates have a distinct professional advantage because the values ​​of sustainability, responsible leadership and global orientation are integral to the course.

“The challenges and opportunities facing contemporary businesses require responsible leadership and creative solutions,” he said.

The Griffith MBA has been ranked #1 globally in the Corporate Knights Better World MBA Ranking for two consecutive years.

“This prestigious ranking reinforces the values ​​embedded in our MBA and underscores the high quality of our program on the global stage,” he said.

Associate Professor Stephanie Schleimer said the Griffith MBA demonstrates that it is possible to turn most of the world’s corporate degree into a transformative journey for students.

“Our students want to make real change: they want to be more than good leaders, they want to lead to a better world,” said Professor Schleimer, Director of the MBA.

“Our curriculum is designed to empower leaders from across industry sectors with the skill set to make this much-needed change.

“Every year, the QBW Griffith MBA Scholarship Competition allows inspirational individuals to join our program – individuals who come from diverse paths of life but each lead with their own values. It is exciting to welcome the outstanding 2021 scholarship winners into the program and we look forward to being part of the journeys of Inspirational learning.”

Mr Bowen-Rotsaert, Systems Engineer at Boeing Defense Australia will use his MBA to advance his career in the aerospace industry.

“I am currently in a technical role and see the MBA as giving me the business skills critical to my career,” he said.

The focus of responsible leadership in Griffith’s MBA was a huge magnet for Mr. Bowen Rottsaert. “In addition to what is good for the company’s profit and loss (the profit and loss statement), leaders need to take targeted actions that will grow the industry and support local suppliers,” he said.

He is already leading the next generation of young Australians who dream of following in his footsteps. He is the chair of the Australian Aerospace Design Competitions that over the past five years have fostered the talents of more than 1,000 school-age students.

Ms. Heartland also expects the MBA to take her career to the next level.

“I know whatever leadership position I have, the MBA would be a great asset,” said Hartland, who is currently deputy director of policy and research at the Forward Institute in London.

She said the responsible leadership credentials of Griffith’s MBA struck a chord with her.

“What attracted me most is that I can learn accounting but I can learn it from the perspective of how I can be a responsible leader,” she said. “This is how I want to live my life.

“And responsible leadership for me is not only about the practical aspects of sustainability, it is also about treating people well and kindly…not just as a resource.”

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