Ric Edelman: This Asset Class Is ‘the Best Investment Opportunity’ Since the Internet

Rick Edelman announced a new chapter in his career earlier this year, when he said he would be stepping down from his role as head of financial education and customer experience at Edelman Financial Engines by the end of the year to serve as a strategic advisor to the company and remain on its board.

Edelman’s main focus now is the Digital Asset Council for Financial Professionals, which he founded in 2018, as well as his DACFP certification in Blockchain and Digital Asset Program.

We caught up with Edelman Thursday to gauge the trends that interest him, as well as how he spends his spare time.

1. Which market indicator, industry statistic, regulatory change, or advisor trend are you watching closely and why?

Digital asset adoption rate. This new asset class is growing at an exponential rate and represents the best investment opportunity since the invention of the Internet and the best practice management opportunity for financial advisors since the invention of ETFs.

2. How has it changed recently (2021) and how do you expect it to change (2022)?

The price of Bitcoin has risen 40 million percent since its inception in 2009, and many expect it to continue rising at an exponential rate over the next decade. However, only 14% of advisors recommend digital assets to their clients, even though 26% said they plan to do so within the next year.

Adoption rates will also grow exponentially, and in a couple of years, the inclusion of digital assets in client wallets will be everywhere.

3. What do you suggest that consultants do now about it?

Most advisors know nothing about blockchain or digital assets. They do not understand the technology or its application in global trade, the investment opportunities available, or how to adopt all of this in managing their practices.

Advisors must be fluent in the subject – this means that they need to obtain their certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets with the course created for advisors by the Digital Asset Council for Financial Professionals (DACFP).

It is an 11-module online self-study course that they can complete in a weekend, and the sooner they do it, the faster they can improve their practice and the advice they give their clients.

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