Rangeley Ski Scholarship Fund 2021-2022 Season- 40 Years of Helping Rangeley Area Kids!

It’s that time of year when our local kids saw their first snow on the mountain and started dreaming about what lay ahead… Snowshoeing, XC Skiing at Wrangeley Lakes Trails Center, skiing and uphill to Saddleback.

As we prepare for our favorite season, we ask that you take a moment to think of those kids for whom winter is a little tougher. They also want to be geared up, but perhaps recent events in the economy or their families will make it impossible for them to look forward with any certainty to skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing this year. They’re hoping to slip over those freshly laid out trails at Trails Center or Saddleback, but money is tight. It just might not happen to them.

You know, a very generous benefactor made it possible for all the kids of the Rangeley area to get seasonal passes for $50 each in Saddleback. This is really cool! RSSF gives our local kids free access to RLTC. Our role is to know that families’ financial shortcomings do not prevent our children from participating in snowshoeing, snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding, or taking lessons and getting rents as needed. We understand that many of you have already set aside your financial donations elsewhere, but we hope that you will see how much your donation to RSSF is appreciated. Sliding down a driveway may not seem like a necessity, but for many of us from the Rangeley area, it’s part of our way of life.

There are two important things to note: 1) Families asking for our help pay whatever amount they can pay for the cost of programs, rents or permits. 2) Other than the cost of correspondence, all donations go directly to help families with the above costs.

Won’t you help us ensure that all applicants get as much assistance this year as they have done in the past 39 years? Any amount you are interested in providing would be greatly appreciated. Please check your contribution to: Rangeley Health and Wellness (RSSF Note) and mail it to Rangeley Ski Scholarship Fund, PO Box 581, Rangeley, ME 04970.

Thank you for your help and think snow!

Claire and Don Chase, RSSF

100% of your donation goes to RSSF. Our relationship with RHW, 5019c3, ensures that your donation is tax deductible.

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