Odisha Govt Inks Unacademy Pact To Provide Scholarships To Meritorious Class 10,11 & 12 Students

Bhubaneswar: The Government of Odisha has now teamed up with Unacademy, the country’s leading educational technology company, to offer free scholarships to outstanding students in the state.

The agreement signed between Bengaluru-based Unacademy and the School and Collective Education Department, Odisha, will be effective for fiscal years 2021-22, FY2022-23 and FY2023-24.

All students of grades 10, 11 and 12 of Odisha State and Government supported schools will be eligible to take the aptitude test on which Unacademy will offer the scholarship.

Unacademy in partnership with the Department of School and Collective Education (DoSME) will conduct a series of aptitude tests where eligible students will be eligible for scholarships to study on the Unacademy platform. They will be selected on the basis of the ranks they obtained in the test.

During the term of the MOU, a total of 3,000 students (1,000 students annually) will receive the scholarship benefit.

Two sets of aptitude tests – one for science stream and one for non-science students – will be taken each year with the gap between them not exceeding 6 months.

According to the agreement, 500 students will receive scholarships based on rank in each batch.

While, 200 IIT-JEE/NEET-UG scholarships will be awarded to students from Science Stream, and another 300 Defense/CA/Exam scholarships will be awarded to students from a non-science stream.

DoSME will be responsible for submitting the list of students at least 45 days prior to the examination in a mutually determined format. Upon receipt of the list, Unacademy will deem it final without having to check it, in accordance with the MOU.

A student who has been awarded a scholarship during the term of this MOU will not be eligible to take any other exams. If he does, the candidate will be disqualified from receiving the scholarship.

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