Oasis Academy recognizes Veterans Day

The US flags were put up the day before Veterans Day at Oasis Academy.

Oasis is proud to honor and recognize the men and women who served and served in the U.S. Army on November 10th on Veterans Day.
Marine Cmdr. James Antonio began the morning leading the oath of allegiance. More than 200 flags were placed around the campus fence and at Oasis Academy College Prep to celebrate the day.

Jaime Lawrence

Students made Veterans Day cards for veterans at The Homestead Assisted Living. The cards expressed thank you letters to veterans. Wednesday also provided an opportunity for students to wear patriotic clothing instead of the standard oasis uniform.
“We are dear to us,” said Chief Academic Officer Rochelle Tisdale. “Every member of the Oasis family should thank a veteran for the freedoms we enjoy. We are fortunate to have Fallon people in our community, and we thank service members who have to spread out and away from their families. We also appreciate the spouses and children who are here holding things together while they are away Away “.
“We are very fortunate to live in a community with many active-duty soldiers and women. It gives schools and families an opportunity to speak to and educate our children about the sacrifice these men and women and their families make on our behalf,” CEO Melissa McKiddon added. “Last week, it was There is a father in uniform dropping his pupil in the morning and a little kindergarten, he looked at him with huge eyes and said, “Thank you!” It really made my heart happy.
A video message is now available on the Oasis website and social media thanking Oasis veterans and active duty military for their service.

Grace Griswold

7th Grade Girls Basketball Dye Fountain Bighorn Blue
The seventh grade girls’ basketball team dyed their fountain blue last Monday to win the Lake District Championship. The girls’ fire truck picked up the girls and met the mayor and city council at the Main Street Fountain. Then the students received pizza and cake at Pizza Barn.

Spelling Bee Club starts training
Again this year is the Spelling Bee Club. Students who excel in spelling are participating in the Spelling Bee Club, which began this week. The club is not only an opportunity for exceptional speakers to show their talent, but also an opportunity for students looking to improve their spelling skills to gain valuable spelling tips and practice.
The club led by Lauren Kelly will train to compete in the second annual Oasis Spelling Bee competition in January and represent the Oasis Academy in the local Spelling Bee.
“The Spelling Club is an extra-curricular academic activity in which 3rd and 8th grade students at Oasis Academy participate. The club helps our students learn new vocabulary, master their spelling skills and better prepare to compete in Oasis Academy’s second annual spelling competition in January. We will be sending our top 10 spellers to Spelling Bee District level. I share this quote with all the club members: “Of course words are magic. That’s why they call it a spell. – Brian Holguin
To learn more about the Spelling Bee Club, contact Kelly at lkelly@oasisacademyfallon.us..

boss. James Antonio

Annual student updates due
The annual update is upon us. Parents of students enrolled in Kindergarten through High School must log in to the parent portals of Infinite Campus and complete the update. This information is important to keep emergency contact and family information up-to-date. Parents received an email with instructions for completing online forms.
For questions, contact Jaime Lawrence by calling 775-423-5437 or at help@oanv.org.
Starting a DJ club again
Students will spin the music back at school events including dances and games. Consultant Jaime Lawrence is excited to lead the DJ Club this winter.
“DJ club reboot would be fun. I am passionate about music and used to be in a band, so music has been a big part of my life. I want the students at the club to enjoy themselves and learn about all kinds of music in this hands-on experience,” Lawrence said. The club is dedicated to creating ideas for events and creating the atmosphere.”
To find out more about the DJ Club or to book an event, contact Lawrence at jlawrence@oasisacademyfallon.us

College visits to campus
Continuing high school students throughout the fall semester will have the opportunity to hear from many colleges and universities including Montana Western, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Nevada, Reno, Global Polytechnic, and Truckee Meadows Community College.
“We want students to start learning as a new student about all the different options available to them for higher education. Each of these schools offer different degree programs, along with different climates and cultures. It is important that students understand what they want and find what they want,” said high school counselor Andy Lennon. The right school for their academic success.

Seniors finish autumn sports

Oasis’ top athletes have finished their seasons.
Reignals volleyball is played against Colville and a cross-country competition is played at Reigns at Shadow Mountain Sports Complex. Top volleyball players include Gillen Bayonetta, Eli Bird and Lauren Halloran. Top cross-country runners include Gavin Bracken and Hunter Arends.
Halloran described her volleyball experience.
“I decided to play volleyball because I was looking forward to trying something new in 8th grade. I recently lost my passion for dancing, and I don’t enjoy it anymore, so I decided to try volleyball and fell in love with it right away. It would be very hard to say goodbye to it” . She will graduate in May with her WNC classmate and a high school diploma.
Bayoneta, Halloran, Bracken, and Arends will graduate with both WNC associate degrees and high school diplomas in May. Bird graduates early with her high school diploma in December.

Attending the Western Regional Student Council
The Oasis Academy Student Council attended Western Regional Schools this week at Reed High School. She attended 15 schools with 65 students who attended from the oasis in a one-day retreat.
Students attended plenary sessions focusing on leadership. Students also attended separate workshops, given by peers from other high schools. Oasis Student Council members immersed themselves with students from other schools in Junior Counselors’ groups.
College freshman Hunter McNab introduced during a breakout session. The title of his show was “Organizing with Damsilis”. Focus on the organizational skills of student councils as a whole for both academics and their lives. McNabb will find out at the end of the winter break if he has been selected to attend the state convention at the end of March.
“Regionals are a great opportunity for Oasis students to connect with peers from other schools in Western Nevada. It’s also a great opportunity to brainstorm and come up with new innovative ideas for returning to their school,” says Lisa Swan, Student Council/Leadership Advisor.

Present Rose Bayonetta

senior lights
Present Rose Bayonetta
Gillyn Rose Bayonetta will graduate in May with a High School Diploma and Associate in Arts from Western Nevada College.
Bayoneta has been active in activities while attending Oasis, playing on the volleyball team, and participating in archery. When asked about her favorite memory of Oasis, she said, “One of my favorite memories of Oasis was the campus trip during my sophomore year. I really enjoyed during that time as we had the opportunity to visit different colleges and universities.”
Bayonetta continues to glimpse her career at Oasis and wants to thank Linda Pike for always being there for encouraging her to do better in school and all the staff at Oasis Academy for helping her get through her final year.
What is her advice to future students? “If they need help or if they are struggling with something, they should not hesitate to ask or get help from teachers. They should also keep their goals in mind and believe in themselves.”
After graduation, she is either looking to join the Navy as an Information Systems Technician or attend the University of Nevada, Reno.
Grace Griswold
“The only person in control of your life is you and you determine your own outcome,” is sound advice from senior Grace Griswold.
During Griswold’s time at Oasis, she participated in the student council and was part of her first class in high school so she didn’t have to wear a khaki oasis uniform and an oasis shirt. Her favorite class was the student of English. “It was just so much fun and I learned some classic literature and read it, it was so much fun.”
Who would you like to thank for helping her along the way? “Oasis Consultant Mr. Lennon, he was a really helpful and supportive person” during her time at Oasis.
Grace will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate’s degree from the College of Western Nevada in May. Then she will attend the University of Nevada, Reno and major in Biology.

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