Nicholas Sandmann offers advice to Kyle Rittenhouse in ‘Hannity’ exclusive

“Covington Kid” Nicholas Sandman joined Hannity for an exclusive interview Friday night, advising Kyle Rittenhouse after his acquittal earlier in the day.

In 2019, Sandman came under attack from the media after a video went viral of him wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, showing a teen standing in front of a Native American elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at March For Life.

Fox News host Sean Hannity noted that Sandman and Rittenhouse’s experiences with the media are very similar, with the Kentucky student telling the host that he is still suing six outlets based on various allegations of defamation or libel.

“It’s horrible, Sean… at 17 years old in Kyle’s case and 16, your brain is still developing. So to deal with the extra pressure where you have this feeling that half the country; hundreds of millions of people; hate you for something you’re innocent of – but the way That you draw can do a lot for you mentally,” he said.


“It takes a very strong will to be able to resist that and keep his head level. I think Kyle Rittenhouse is dealing with that now.”

Nicholas Sandman, left, believes Kyle Rittenhouse should sue the media to “hold the media accountable” after liberal critics rushed to verdict after two people were shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.
(News agency)

Sandman said Rittenhouse’s litigation decisions are ultimately up to him, but he will sue media outlets he believes have misrepresented his character.

“It’s really a personal call,” he said, adding that 2022 will mark three years since his own experience with journalism, and six cases are still under consideration.

“I know he has a lot on his plate, about whether he wants to establish himself in this matter.”


Sandman noted that he found it difficult to return to normal life after watching CNN, MSNBC, and others talk irresponsibly about his meeting with the older Native American Nathan Phillips.

He said, “It was like a car accident you can’t look away, you can’t look away. My eyes were glued to the TV watching my character tear up.”

“I know Cale will have that journey to get back to the person he was before. Of course, he won’t be the same person again. It’s a struggle.”

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