Never mind the title, this campus comedy is a guilt-free pleasure

The sexual life of college students
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decent. You don’t need to sneak into a dark room to watch The sexual life of college students; Despite the title, it’s not that kind of show. Yes, there is sex, but it is talked about more than it appears, and is often used to comic effect.

Created by Mindy Kaling (The Mindy ProjectAnd I never did before) and Justin Noble (veteran of Brooklyn Nine-Ninehis book room), girl’s college It is primarily an American college comedy told from a female perspective.

Renee Raab as Leighton, the spoiled rich kid who lives a secret life on The Sex Lives of College Girls.attributed to him:gluttony

It’s as if we picked up the girls’ story from Box Mart or blockers In their first year at university. Or it’s as if we traveled back in time to find the women of it Sex and the City Forging their friendship in the dormitory crucible.

The 10-part series (most episodes are half an hour, though the early hours are at the 49th minute) is fresh and funny without being entirely revolutionary. And while they’re authentic, there’s also an element of stock personality around our four strands.

Kimberly (Paulene Chalamet, sister of Timothée) is a schoolgirl of humble origins who has to work her way through college and suddenly realizes that the French she tops in her classes doesn’t match her accent honed in the Chamonix ski fields. Whitney played by Aliyah Chanel Scott is the soccer-playing daughter of a Republican senator, and Bella of Amrit Kaur is an aspiring comedian who sees college as an opportunity to break free from the shackles of her Indian heritage and dive into the deep end of the sex pool.

Aliyah Chanel Scott as Whitney, the senator's football-playing daughter.

Aliyah Chanel Scott as Whitney, the senator’s football-playing daughter.attributed to him:gluttony

As Leighton, Renee Rabe is an upper-class arrogant who hides her sexuality. This might just sound like the story of another poor-rich kid in a situation gossip Girl et al., but was treated with a successful blend of comedy and sympathy and is one of the strongest threads in the seven episodes available for preview.

Each of these young women is, to some extent, a projection of their parents’ fantasies, memories, desires, and needs, at least until they can wriggle out of their way and break free from their identities.

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