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United States of America: NCAA Drafts New Constitution Recognizing Rights of Zero Student Athletes

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What a difference just a few months make. The weather turns from unbearably hot to cold and pristine. The leaves turn from a healthy bright green to all manners of red, yellow and brown as they cling precariously to trees before floating to the ground. The National Athletics Association (NCAA) is drafting a new constitution that in effect recognizes that a student-athlete may market his/her name/photo/photo/photo/photo. It was unimaginable earlier this year, that is, until the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously NCAA vs Alston Advantages of non-monetary education (and in the name of extension, image and likeness limitations) violate antitrust laws. In fact, Justice Neil Gorsuch may also have been the author of this NCAA draft constitution as written guidance for the court, and indicated exactly what the NCAA apparently decided to do (albeit by necessity) — delegate decision-making power to member conferences and universities. Of course, the mandate itself is a coup for the public, as few good things in recent history that the NCAA itself have already done come to mind. This all means that NIL isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Not going anywhere anytime soon? Spotlight and yours really. So for now, let’s check out what else you should be aware of this week.

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  • In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy in Houston, Texas, and as we begin to get answers to some questions – each more annoying than the previous – one question from a commercial and marketing perspective is how the event, if any, will affect its organizer, Travis Scott in the eyes of fans and brands Both.
  • Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie have become the latest music icons to see their song catalogs for sale and earn purchase prices in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now this is something you should be “dancing in the dark” without feeling “under pressure” from bill collectors.

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