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It’s hard to penetrate academia especially as a woman and a person of color, especially when it comes to predominantly white colleges (PWIs). According to a report by the Pew Research Center, Hispanic adults are less likely to have this Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) They make up a smaller proportion of STEM graduates than their share of the adult population. When we see a woman of color in white, male-dominated spaces, it’s a win for all of us and we can’t help but celebrate their accomplishments. here in Hyplatina We are excited to highlight Latino academics who are leaders in their fields. From the tech world with Genuinely Genesis to the medical field with Dr. Leslie Gonzalez, 11 Latinas are making strides and sharing their experiences with other Latina girls to follow in their footsteps.

Stephanie Bueno -bueno_stephanie

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Thank you Babis for their sacrifice, proud daughter of immigrants and future doctor!! 🇲🇽 🇧🇷 💛 #latinainmedicine #firstgen #whitecoat #medtiktok

♬ Chiquitita x Twibytez

Stephanie Bueno is a first-generation Latina who uses her platform to encourage any Latinas seeking a medical career. Her Tiktoks include tips about the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), struggles in medical school, and advice about admissions and scholarships. Bueno even has a series called “Medical Spanish for Dummies” where she breaks down basic jargon when treating Spanish-speaking patients and eases language barriers in healthcare.

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#firstgen #interviewtips #careeradvice #LatinXCreatives #TiktokParter #jobinterviewquestions

♬ Original sound – First Gen Latina in Tech

Genesis is a first-generation Latino in technology that addresses first-generation and Latinx struggles. From interview tips to email signatures to tech industry-specific content, Genesis has a little bit of everything for anyone looking to advance in technology or any career field.

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It is not enough to save money, you need to invest money! # Latinx Creatives # Affinity

♬ Rock With It by Saucy Santana – Saucy Santana

Gigi is another first generation Tiktoker that spreads awareness on important topics related to financial education. She detailed concepts like a Roth 401(k) and vesting schedule to educate people and share helpful resources like mentorship opportunities and financial literacy classes.

Norma Sepulveda – tximmigrationlawyer

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#naturalization #questions 1-3 #abogadanorma #immigrationlawyer #citizenship

♬Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

Norma Sepulveda is an inspiring Latino academic who works as an immigration attorney. It shares engaging content covering immigration law including identifying important terms to educate people who want to be better informed about their rights. Talk about power to the people!

leslie gonzalez -drlesliegonzalez

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Good day! #latinostiktok #tiktoklatino #latina #buenosdias

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Dr. Leslie Gonzalez talks to her followers through her struggles as a Latino in STEM, and even her academic journey to medical school. It touches on the issues and obstacles that many first-generation Latinos can relate to. Amidst the funny and educational videos, you will find words of affirmation and love dedicated to all the jefas out there.

Jennifer Leon Salinas -MujeresxPsych

Jennifer Leon Salinas is an undocumented therapist and founder of the Instagram account MujeresxPsych. Established in Psychology Mujeres for Bridging the gap between students and professionals in Psychology. Through their endless resources and workshops, they work to encourage women of color to pursue a field dominated by white men.

Cindy Petrov -OfficialLawtina

Cindy Petroff (@OfficialLawtina) is a law graduate who shares resources and provides support to other Lawtinas. Among her businesses, she has a blog and podcast called “Ceiling Half Broken” where women and professionals have been able to continue to rise in a profession where Latinas make up only about 2%. Her social media feed is filled with helpful law school advice and messages of hope to all her followers.

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Emerging Latina Researchers is a research community for Latinas and women of color. Aside from communicating useful resources and scholarships to the community, they recently acquired the Femtorship Program for Emerging Latino Scholars to provide undergraduate and doctoral students. Candidates with opportunity to network and build community.

Michelle Sandoval – @LatinaTalksCollege

Michelle Sandoval is a graduate and undergraduate coach at Stanford University, and founder of Latina Talks College. As a coach, she provides guidance to high school students who are pursuing their higher education. Its platform includes great guides on college-related topics such as the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) and available scholarships.

Jennifer – AcademicLatina

Jennifer is Sinaluense’s first generation Earn a PhD in Education, using its platform to help others navigate higher education. She shares her own experiences as a student with regular story videos. It also includes informative graphics and much-needed empowering messages for first-generation college students.

Diana Irachita – @Latina_Engineer

Diana works in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to empower women in a male-dominated field. She hopes to make careers in STEM fields more accessible by sharing resources and support. It has been hosting International Latin Engineer Week every October since 2020 which includes workshops and networking opportunities.

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