Kejriwal unfolds plan to overhaul edu system of Pb

NEW DELHI: Arvind Kejriwal, Coordinator of the National Association of Latin America and the Caribbean, has spoken about the revolutionary changes his party would bring to education in Punjab if it voted for power. The director of the Delhi Center made promises to teachers who would provide permanent jobs to all outsourced and contract teachers. He also said that if Chani’s government does not accept the demands of the teachers who organized Al Dhafra, he will meet the teachers and join them in Darnah. Among the eight promises made by the Cabinet which include that just like Delhi, the AAP-led government in Punjab will also implement a transparent transfer policy and the non-teaching workload will be removed from the shoulders of teachers.

He said, “Just as we have changed public schools in Delhi, we will change schools here in Punjab. We are the only political party that knows how to do it, who can do it, and who will do it.” Kejriwal added that teachers hired under a contract job for 18 years now earn only Rs 10,000 per month while in the capital, the minimum wage for unskilled labor is Rs. 15,000 for a month.

He said if the AAP is voted on for the authority, it will fill vacancies, send teachers abroad for training, establish promotion policy and provide cashless medical facilities for teachers and their families. “The people of Delhi gave a chance to a human public party and saw how we changed the public schools,” he said. He urged all the teachers to join the AAP campaign to revolutionize Punjab and rebuild the image of the state, he said they have given many opportunities to Congress and Akali Dal, but now to give a chance to Aam Aadmi party and see the actual work being done.

Teachers in Punjab who met Kejriwal told him about the state of public schools with some schools having no single teacher until grade 7 while others only have one. “24 students are studying in these public schools, and their future is bleak given the current situation in these schools. Despite this, the teachers told me that the government simply painted the walls of these schools and wrote ‘Smart School’ that is how they are made,” said Kejriwal. Smart schools.

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