I Walked Away From My Successful Life And Never Looked Back

All my life, I’ve been obsessed with being “the best” and doing everything “right,” even though my parents never put any kind of crazy pressure on me to do so. Somehow, I developed this obsession on my own.

I excelled in both athletics and the arts and joined every club I could. He was always straight and graduated from high school in the top ten of my class.

When it came time to get into college, scholarships started popping up. I made sure to hold a place on the dean’s list, and while working as well as going to school and doing an unpaid internship, I was able to graduate with two majors in 3 1/2 years.

In the midst of the 2010 economic crash, I found myself searching for my first job. Out of necessity, I ended up selling outright.

Although I hated this job and couldn’t be further from what I wanted to do, I rose to the top, selling door-to-door cable bundles. I would come home at night after a 12-hour workday and turn off job applications.

I desperately needed a job ‘in my field’. I felt the pain of failure – “What did you work so hard for in college if I couldn’t even find a job?”

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Finally, the call came after an interview with my first agency. I started the following week. And here it is: my “career” has begun.

For four years, I rose through the ranks of the marketing and PR agency world, living and breathing to make my clients happy. I had a salary, employer health insurance, and a retirement plan. Those were the things that everyone around me, myself included, equated with success.


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