How To Apply To The Coolidge Scholarship Program

The Coolidge Scholarship is a federally awarded, fully-subsidized, presidentially-sponsored scholarship that finances a full ride, tuition, housing, and related expenses for four years of college. The Coolidge can be utilized by beneficiaries in any accredited college or university in the United States only. The Coolidge Scholarship was created as a test program to identify students with unique leadership potential and encourages them to pursue careers in public service fields such as teaching, government, nonprofit, or private practice.
To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet certain requirements. For starters, they should be high school seniors who are enrolled in a U.S. institution of higher education with a full course load that ends in a senior year. They should also be juniors or seniors in high school who have achieved a passing grade on a state or federal standardized test. Students must also declare their major prior to applying. This ensures that the Coolidge Scholarship funds are strictly limited to eligible applicants.
Each year around 200 freshmen and sophomore applicants are expected to apply for the scholarship. Of these, about one third are eventually selected. The Coolidge Scholarship selection process consists of three phases. The students apply to the Southwestern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACIS), which is a division of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCCAS). The Coolidge Scholarship applications are reviewed by a panel of highly qualified administrators, faculty, and staff members from the colleges and universities that participate in the association.
The second phase involves in-depth interviews, evaluation of written samples, as well as, personal interviews with each candidate. The third and final phase of the Coolidge Scholarship application process consists of an essay selection, which is completed by the candidates. The essay is a required component to complete the Coolidge Scholarship application. The students must meet specific academic standards set forth by the scholarship program and they must earn a minimum GPA on all of their coursework. The Coolidge Scholarship has very strict requirements, but there are some options available for low GPA, senior recognition, or dual candidacy.
The Coolidge Scholarship, which has a maximum award of $ Conservatives cover a student’s tuition, board, room and expenses for four years in undergraduate study at an accredited college. This scholarship was created by President Calvin Coolidge during the 1920s. The primary goal was to provide financial assistance for students who were unable to pay for their college tuition fees. The Coolidge Scholarship has been named as one of the United States’ top scholarships. Each year, students that demonstrate exceptional academic excellence and have strong leadership qualities are eligible for Coolidge Scholarships.
Students who have achieved exceptional academic achievement in their junior year of high school, or who have an exceptional academic history and achievements throughout their junior and senior year are eligible for consideration for the coolidge scholarship. In addition to having two essays to submit along with your application, you will also need to present two letters of recommendation, one from a teacher and one from a parent or guardian. Your letters of recommendation can come from a teacher who knows you well or your adviser. You will be asked to submit a separate application for the scholarship that will need to be submitted along with your application for Coolidge Scholarship.
Every candidate needs to have a strong academic record, although you do not need to have an academic record that is nationally ranked in order to apply for this scholarship. All colleges and universities that offer a selection of undergraduate degrees and certificate programs are expected to participate in the Coolidge Scholarship program. The curriculum for the program consists of courses such as American government, mathematics, American literature and American history. The curriculum is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of American public policy and history.
Coolidge Scholarships are offered to both juniors in high school and seniors in college. Full Ride students must have earned at least 2 years of full-time coursework at a community college, while part-time or online students need to have earned a minimum of 5 years of part-time or online college enrollment. Both of these requirements are subject to change. The deadline for applying to Coolidge Scholarship has been established based on the start of the new academic year each year.

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