How Can I Get an Army Rotc Scholarship?

Military school students studying at an accredited university are eligible for Army ROTC scholarship offers. The Army ROTC High School Scholarship Program offers merit-based educational scholarships for those who wish to pursue service in the Army upon completion. Two–, three and four-year scholarships available to students on campus are also offered. Qualification for all awards depends on academic excellence, physical appearance, and participation in community service. There are no restrictions on the types of scholarships awarded.
When choosing an awardee for a scholarship from the Army ROTC Scholarship Program, consider whether you want to pursue a full scholarship or one that gives you partial tuition assistance. You can choose either a two-year or a four-year program. The latter grants a student assistance in paying tuition, but does not cover any living expenses while in school. For those pursuing a degree in a field that requires a two-year or less course work, you will need to earn a diploma from an accredited university in order to qualify for an award. If you are in active duty service, you must be discharged honorably before beginning college classes.
To be eligible for an award, you must meet the following academic requirements:
(1) good grades in all coursework taken,
(2) satisfactory academic progress as assessed by the Academic Board for each semester or quarter,
(3) strong leadership skills as evidenced by participation in leadership forums or volunteering,
(4) a satisfactory score on the military eligibility test. (5) An active duty or retired U.S. citizen is required to serve in the Armed Forces for at least one year before qualifying for an award.
(6) Full-time students must enroll in an undergraduate degree program that is accredited and approved by the Army, and participate in a program of study leading to a degree.
There are also a few specific scholarships available to high school students who wish to participate in an educational program leading to a degree. Some of these programs are focused on science or math, while others offer scholarships for business majors, or other professional degrees. There are also some specific programs for women and minorities, and for first-time students interested in earning their college credits through a distance learning school.
There are some people who would argue that it’s not easy to pay for college, particularly with the economy the way it is. This is why there are scholarships available for individuals who demonstrate financial need. These scholarships are almost always awarded on the basis of financial need. For students who have never had a student loan, this type of scholarship is ideal. It is actually easier to get a scholarship for military members than it is for someone who has a family member in the military, or who wants to go into the military after high school.
The requirements for each scholarship are usually very similar. To qualify, you must: be a high school senior who is enrolled full-time in a high school that is accredited; have not started a bachelor’s degree program; be in good academic standing; have a minimum GPA from all four years of high school. Once you meet the criteria, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out, and your application will be reviewed. If your essay is excellent, you could possibly be awarded a scholarship.
The types of courses that students can enroll in to earn a scholarship are varied. You can pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in any of the following academic areas – criminal justice, business, education, healthcare, nursing, physical therapy, public administration, science, technology, psychology and sociology. You can complete any of the following courses at a community college or by taking some college courses on your own through a private, for-profit college or university. The award amount depends on the student’s financial need and the complexity of the scholarship. Usually, a more complex scholarship requires more information to be presented to gain acceptance.
Army ROTC Scholarships can open up the doors to the world of higher education for high school students, professional athletes or those with a unique way of living. This program recognizes that it is not always easy to make it in college. It is not uncommon for young adults to spend several years in the military, and then return to school. These days, many young people in the military are having difficulty paying off their student loans, while simultaneously attending classes. An award such as this could be their ticket to a better life.

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