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Located in the scenic New England town of Wallingford, Connecticut, Choate Rosemary Hall is a co-educational day and boarding school where students come to discover and embrace who they are. This trip isn’t just a traditional classroom experience. Opportunities for growth abound across campus, making Choate a place where learning extends beyond the day of class and the doors to exploration are always open.

Designed to bring out the best in students and those they hope to become, Choate is distinctly unique. Every interest students seek, every talent they develop, and every experience they embrace can lead them to new and unexpected places. Most importantly, Choate provides unique academic opportunities where students don’t have to go it alone, surrounded by a supportive network of teachers who strive hard to help them succeed.

This diversity of opportunities helped Brecken, the 2024 class, decide the right Choate for her. She enjoyed her time on campus, after winning the Student Council elections, joining the Choate for Women Club, and rowing for the crew team. She says, “Before attending Choate, I didn’t know many of the opportunities I had here, things I never thought I could do. Everyone here is positive and generous, and their excitement gives me the courage to try new things.”

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Foundation in the community

Choate understands that young people’s feeling of being part of a community is just as important as a student’s individual journey. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are committed to character development, integrity, respect, and compassion, and are taught through a curriculum that recognizes the importance of being a curious student and an ethical citizen.

Opportunities to explore different perspectives span all areas of campus life. Celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion is central to curriculum, student life, and campus programming. Throughout the year, students participate in ‘Community Conversations’, where Community Choice members informally share personal perspectives on the many issues surrounding individual identity.

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Unique programs and unparalleled facilities

Choate’s Signature programs give students the opportunity to explore specialized topics of interest in greater depth. Students with a strong background in visual, performing arts, dance, music, or theater will feel right at home in a strong arts concentration program. The John F. Kennedy Program in Government and Public Service allows students to integrate an interest in government, politics, and public service. Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, a semester abroad, a directed study program, and a scholarly research program provide opportunities for students to research relevant topics of interest and develop their intellectual voice early in their academic career.

All students benefit from the latest Choate facilities. Whether they are looking for a place to create, study or relax, students can access a campus designed with their needs in mind.

The Kohler Environmental Center (KEC) is just one example. KEC is home to the Environmental Immersion Program, a one-year residential signature program where students participate in interdisciplinary research focused on sustainability and conservation of the natural environment. They pursue their own research in KEC’s three functioning laboratories, two classrooms and a greenhouse while living and learning in net zero energy, and a LEED Platinum facility on the edge of a 200-acre protected area.

Rosemary Hall's Choice

Source: Choate Rosemary Hall

technology and innovation

Choate believes in the union of tradition and innovation, building on the foundations that built the school while looking to advance the skills students need in an ever-changing world. All students and teachers at Choate use the latest generation Apple iPad and Apple Pencils that provide a unified, flexible digital tool for use in the classroom and beyond.

Henry, Class of 2022, appreciates the accessibility and versatile use of technology platforms. “With an iPad or computer, you get free access to Google and Microsoft software, as well as many humanities resources, library resources, arts apps and websites, and even science software. Choate truly provides a student with anything they need to explore their interests in great depth.”

Choate’s unique blend of opportunity, community, and innovation gives students the opportunity to pursue passions and develop skills to succeed not only in school, but in all future endeavors. The experiences and traditions shared at Choate over the past 130 years have laid the foundation that continues to foster lifelong learning and friendships that spread across the globe.

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