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Moiren is galloping on a white horse over a rocky shore, her blue head fluttering in the wind.

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The first three episodes of Prime Studios’ Adapting to live action Robert Jordan wheel of time The series only arrived last Friday, and if you haven’t read the books, it could be…a lot. there is a lot of Names to learn and places to trace, plus organizations, cultures, myths, and language Which is all dropped in those first three hours of TV. Fortunately – or perhaps necessarily – Amazon has an intrinsic guide to lore wheel of time ready for you.

Here’s the good news: So far, it only covers people, locations, and events seen in episodes so far, so there’s no risk of spoilers if you’re just looking for a little clarity while watching your show. Here’s the best news: You can check out for free even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, which means you can look at them and see if you’re willing to cash out to watch them. wheel of time.

There are brief biographies of the eight main characters, of course, but there’s also a surprisingly solid map of places seen so far in the series, as well as a timeline of the events of each episode as a kind of ever-growing “prev” run. wheel of timeGuides. The most comprehensive resource is a compendium broken down into legends, organizations, creatures, artifacts, and landmarks, which helpfully explains the relationship between the pattern of fate and the Tavren he can change and the wheel that weaves it. Again, if you’ve read the original fantasy books, it’s unlikely that any This information is new to you.But unless you take extensive notes while watching an Amazon show, chances are Something you can get out of it –Just head here and scroll down.

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