CIAC Releases COVID Guidance For Winter Sports

If you had a son or daughter playing a winter sports in high school, CIAC has just released its guidelines for the upcoming 2022 winter sports season.

With more and more people getting fully vaccinated and schools returning to personalized learning, the CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) has released brand new guidelines for the upcoming high school winter sports seasons.

Since the return of sports in schools across Connecticut, CIAC has had to change its sports schedules, eliminate games, change match and tournament formats, and put a mask on for athletes in all sports. This week, everything changed, or at least it will change very soon.

Here are some new guidelines that CIAC just released that will go into effect right after the winter break. Now even though this new guidance has been issued to cover every high school in the state, the CIAC is leaving some new rules to individual school districts based on the level of the COVID-19 outbreak in their particular district.

  • Fully vaccinated athletes will not be required to wear a mask during competition.
  • Teams will now play a full schedule including multi-team events and interstate competition.
  • Seasons will once again conclude with state championship games.
  • Athletes who have been fully vaccinated do not have to be quarantined if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 as long as they are asymptomatic.

You can click here to view the full CIAC 2021-2022 Winter Sports COVID-19 Guidelines.

All issued guidelines go into effect Monday, November 29, and are in coordination with what the Connecticut Department of Public Health recently issued to all schools in Connecticut.

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