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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai is preparing for future change-makers

The advantage of the American degree is what makes RIT an ideal place to pursue higher education. This means that the student gets a highly recognized degree, which is issued by one of the best universities in the United States. In addition, the curriculum is the same, which means that the student is familiar with the advanced learning process that involves high engagement with industry, innovation and creativity. The curriculum taught is the same for both campuses – New York and Dubai ensuring uniformity of a globally recognized degree.

RIT is one of the most involved universities with strategic partners. Any projects, activities and culmination projects undertaken by the university are implemented in cooperation with its partners from industry and the public sector. This differentiation factor gives students direct access to institutions and makes them aware of industry requirements and functions. Degree programs are accredited by local and international authorities as well as professional bodies. Furthermore, having advisory board members provide input on the University’s programs ensures that the curriculum and content remain relevant and in the context of emerging and evolving market scenarios. The university has put in place a mechanism to enhance and constantly update the offered programs to provide students with knowledge and skills that will help them leap into the future.

The university prides itself on promoting a highly student-centered approach, with each student being individually supervised by faculty and staff from the Extension and Internship departments. The university treats each student individually, providing them with the tools and skills to make them ready for the future. One of the main goals of the university is to become the campus of the future, being a complete ecosystem, giving students a lot of opportunities in an unconventional way. Students are given direct access to laboratories and industry partners. They are also given the opportunity to constantly experiment on campus, assemble structures, test new ideas, and evaluate solutions and projects. Therefore, the campus is an experimental field for all students who also have opportunities to obtain industry-accredited degrees, encouraging them to choose areas of interest where they can be accredited by the industry and not just the university. To broaden students’ horizons even further, at RIT Dubai, training areas have been developed to include entrepreneurship possibilities, research assistance, and counseling training camps, where students are trained to become consultants.

At RIT Dubai, students are taken on a journey of innovation, where they can gain access to the AI ​​Citizenship program in their first year. In this programme, which is offered to first-year students, students are taught to spread innovative learning skills from reasoning to design thinking and prototyping, all the way to their internships. The university believes that innovation is a journey for students and this is translated by having an Innovation Center, strategically located in the center of the campus, and serving as a hub for multinational organizations such as Johnson Control, Dubai Police and Dubai Future Foundation.

At RIT, there is a belief in preparing future students who are not limited in scope, but are multi-talented and able to adapt to a variety of fields and cultures. This is reflected in the extracurricular activities available on campus, and local and international competitions in which students participate. The future will need individuals who are multidisciplinary and also have great interpersonal skills in order to continue to reinvent themselves as technology advances and evolves. That’s why RIT offers its students the opportunity to study abroad either at its main campus in New York or at any of its international campuses, enhancing the students’ cultural experience and enriching their knowledge.

Popular Degree Programs

The increasing use of technology in business, daily transactions and social interactions has increased employment opportunities for graduates related to computing, and thus increased demand, and this makes the most popular programs at RIT Dubai: Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Technology, Computing Security and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Software Engineering. We also see great demand for business-related disciplines such as marketing and management, along with mechanical and industrial engineering. Most of the programs taught at RIT Dubai have been developed based on the need of the community and region, with the aim of diversifying the economy which makes Masters in Data Analytics, City Science, Foresight and Planning very well sought after degrees.

Experienced production personnel

At RIT, general education courses vary from literature, psychology, and history, ensuring exposure to different fields. The university has more than 15 clubs on campus which are already working on many events especially after the pandemic. These include running club, arts club, chess club, animation club, improv club and many more. RIT has sports teams in football, basketball, volleyball, and cricket and a very active student body.

Brilliant graduates

Some students and former graduates went on to become entrepreneurs who started their own companies. Others have joined the public sectors and some are engineers developing solutions for government companies. Others are innovation leaders in multinational organizations.

Future courses and degrees to be offered

Recently, the university introduced software engineering as a secondary student in computing and electrical engineering degree, market trends are currently showing the need for many programmers to design solutions, a fact highlighted by the university’s strategic partners who have been looking for individuals with these skills.

In the near future, the university plans to offer a Bachelor of Psychology that will complement the programs currently on offer. The university is also exploring a Master of Fine Arts program focused on design, where students will design technology for a job, linking arts and technology. At the same time, RIT is working closely with Fakeeh University Hospital in Silicon Oasis to provide trainings, which may lead to the addition of degrees in health sciences.


for future students

RIT is a global, not-for-profit campus of the esteemed RIT (USA-NY) that offers scholarships of up to 50 percent and gives students the option to study abroad while paying their tuition in Dubai.

The newly opened campus

RIT has opened a new campus representing a fully open, engaging and interactive learning ecosystem, spanning over 129,000 square metres. It has been built on four main pillars: innovation, sustainability, intelligence and connectivity. The Campus Center is occupied by an Innovation Center that provides access to the community, partners and bodies to try out their ideas and test solutions. The university has more than 15 labs on campus ranging from robotics to human factors and digital transformation labs. There is also a gym run by HP. The campus includes a digital library with over 4,000 live plants. All classrooms on campus are equipped with the latest technology and there are a variety of student lounges, sports and leisure facilities. In short, RIT is the place for you if you are looking for an exceptional education that will equip you with all the skills needed for the future.

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