All India Free Mock Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2022 | Rau’s IAS Pre Pareekshan 2022

The return of IAS Pre Pareekshan 2022 from Rau!

  • Mock 1 – GS1 will be launched on November 26, 9 AM
  • The result will be announced and the exam discussion will take place on November 29, 2 p.m.
  • Deserving aspirants can get up to 100% scholarship for Rau’s GSI QIP course.

The UPSC Prelims 2022 Examination will take place on June 6, 2022. This means that there is sufficient time available for all UPSc aspirants, whether new or someone who will be re-trying Prelims, to:

  • Understand UPSC Prelims exam pattern and level of competition
  • assessment or reassessment of their level of readiness; Accordingly
  • Plan their preparation strategy over the next six months.

For this purpose Rau .’s IAS conducts All India Tests by Pareekshan A series of free Prelims GS Paper I mock tests, which are taken nationwide, four times a year.

Upcoming Pre-parication Tests for UPSC PRELIMS 2022 Kitchen


Pre-Pareekshan Tests

Start date and time

Expiry date and time

Result and test discussion
date and time


GS 1 – MOQ 1

11/26/21 (Friday) @9am

11/28/21 (Sunday) @9pm

11/29/21 (Mon) @ 2pm


GS 1 – Mock 2

02/11/22 (Friday) @9am

13/2/22 (Sunday) @ 9pm

02/14/22 (Mon) @ 2 pm


GS 1 – Mock 3

04/29/22 (Friday) @9am

05/01/22 (Sunday) @9pm

02/05/22 (Mon) @ 2 p.m.


GS 1 – MOQ 4

05/27/22 (Friday) @9am

05/29/22 (Sunday) @9pm


Why should you take Rau’s Pre Pareekshan exams?

1. Real simulation of Prelims UPSC exam: “All India Pre Pareekshan, part of Rau’s Prelims Exam series is a really good initiative for IAS Study Department in Rau. The questions asked were very similar to the actual UPSC Prelims question paper. Both the test series and current affairs journals helped me a lot in Prelims 2021 – Mr. Divyanshu Chaudhary, AIR 30, CSE 2020

2. One of the biggest bases for serious IAS aspirants: Pre Pareekshan 2021 exams have been tried by over 20,000 UPSC students. Among them, more than 2,500 students have cleared Prelims 2021 and many are preparing for Mains 2021 with us in our assigned classification groups in the QIP course.

3. Assess your readiness: This test will give you a great opportunity to understand your situation regarding your preparation:

  • Are you familiar with current affairs?
  • How powerful are your static themes?
  • Do you have a test-taking strategy that works for you or do you need to devise one?
  • Do you solve the optimal number of questions and use the elimination method effectively?

4. Grant: For IAS applicants to be eligible for Rau’s GSI – QIP (Quality Improvement Program).

What will you get after taking Pre Pareekshan 2022 exams?

  • All ranks of India
  • Wise analysis of questions: easy questions that you skip or miss; Difficult / difficult questions I tried and I got wrong
  • Overall performance analysis: best and average performance – overall score, attempts vs accuracy, etc
  • Detailed solutions
  • Test discussion class (live online) to amplify your preparation for Prelims 2022. In the discussion test, we will discuss the most important questions from the test; Explain how UPSC frames the question on the basis of analysis of previous years’ questions and how to direct the preparation/review in the right direction.

questions and answers

a. What is the Rau IAS GSI QIP Course?

  • GSI – QIP is an integrated program to enhance knowledge and skills from Prelims and Mains.
  • It is a target course* not a foundation course. Its aim is to help serious IAS aspirants pass the UPSC IAS Exam Personal Guidance and guidance. It provides:
  1. current affairs chapters for continuous learning
  2. Integrated Prelims and Mains Test Series for simultaneous testing
  3. Review and practice classes Before Prelims and Mains respectively

– * Please note that GSI QIP is designed for those students who have completed their foundation studies and are seeking assistance to improve their exam performance. GSI QIP helps students (who have prepared the basics) to break Prelims, improve their scores in Mains, and get Top rank in the IAS exam.

– For more details –

NS. How will the scholarship be awarded?

  • Scholarships will be awarded based on performance in the test.
  • If any evidence of misconduct is found, eligibility for the scholarship will be disqualified.
  • If your name is shortlisted for a scholarship, a representative of Rau’s IAS will contact you via email or phone.

NS. What will be the syllabus for Pre-Parikchan Scholarship Exam?

  • General Studies – Paper 1

D. What kind of difficulty level should I expect in the Pre-Pareekshan exam?

  • Pre-Pareekshan is All India Mock Test for Prelims Exam. Provides actual simulation of UPSC Prelims exam in terms of question style as well as difficulty level.

E mode

  • The test can only be performed in online mode.

F. How to register

  • The exam will be taken online at
  • All those who are already members of elearn do not need to register again. You can try to test immediately when it is visible to you in your account.
  • But, if you are not a member, register yourself for free now.
Free All India Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2022 |  Rau's IAS Pre Pareekshan 2022

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