A Curriculum of Chaos Preview—New Magic Foes

A mysterious masked wizard offers a young man a mask of his own in a page from Strixhaven for Dungeons & Dragons: A Curriculum of Chaos.

Join the bad guys: FREE mask included!
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Your enemies at school are usually bullies, mean teachers, and deadlines for your homework. But when you are a student in Dungeons & DragonsThe school is a magical intersection with a world Magic: The GatheringSerious confrontations will take place A little more difficult to face From a paper written an hour before the due date.

io9 got your look inside the next reference book for D & DAnd Strixhaven: The Chaos Curriculum. The latest cross between Tablet Edition 5 and another Wizards of the Coast game, Magic: The GatheringAnd Chaos curriculum It teleports players away to the honorary school of would-be mages from Charm card set Released earlier this year. Along with requiring players to balance the rigors of magical academic life, such as choosing the right magic school for you, or attending classes and social events, Chaos curriculum still D & D A reference book, which means there will be plenty of ways you can put your studies into practice by…or, you know, beat them up a bit if you’re a Strixhaven student who’s not inclined to magic.

“Strixhaven had many items that we felt were made to perfection D & D Adjust. First of all, it’s a university, and we loved the idea of ​​telling stories to characters who gain their abilities and personalities as people in such a global and academic environment,” Amanda Hammon, Senior D & D Designer and writer Chaos curriculumio9 said via email. “We loved the idea of ​​being creative D & D Adventures that take place in an environment where there are exams and extracurricular materials, and where lifelong social bonds are formed. Plus, the setting is a magical college, so the characters don’t necessarily need to be wizards, but they are all interested in magic in some way, and that’s a fun twist on the story mode. College campuses are filled with magical creatures in amulets, and typical student tricks are all covered in fun and whimsical magic – like a skating competition with magical skates! So we hope that the experiences this book provides will be unique.”

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Curriculum Far from the first Charm-Meets-D & D crossover in 5th edition, but according to James White – writer and chief designer who also helped shape some tentative initial formal steps to bring more Charm to me D & D, and vice versa when it happened in the card game Adventures in Forgotten Realms Earlier this year – the teams’ primary focus on these types of crossovers continues to be a hit D & D Experience first and foremost, rather than crossing for the sake of crossing. “I worked on Guildmaster’s guide to RavnicaAnd Odyssey of the legendary TherosAnd Strixhaven: The Chaos Curriculum, the magic group Adventures in Forgotten Realms, as well as early Plane Shift articles that started the process of crossing streams. My biggest conclusion is that, basically, what we do is take worlds created for one game and look at them through the lens of the other,” White told io9 via email. “We are not involved in any kind of translating or translating one game into another. Basically, when D & D Players sit down to play D & DThey want to play D & D—Not some weird hybrid of D & D rules and Charm Mechanics. And vice versa is equally true – and for all the fun we had playing d20 rolls Adventures in Forgotten Realms, This collection is still about expressing the realm of the Forgotten Realms through Charm Mechanics. And therefore Strixhaven, like the other books that preceded it, is first and foremost a D & D the book.”

This means making the kinds of objects you see as summons and spells in a file Charm set like a card Strixhaven: School of Witches In full in-game showdown options D & D. “The top priority has been making sure we can give you a variety of fun and interesting stat blocks for the great variety of students and faculty that you will find in Strixhaven. Spellcaster NPCs are always challenging for DMs to play and especially to build on their own, so we have wheels of every College really flaunts the variety of magic used in Strixhaven,” White added. “I would say that the next priority was creatures spell! These creatures—ink, art items, fractals, pests, and spirit figurines—were an important component of Charm The deck of cards and we had a feeling that players would really enjoy interacting with them in the adventures. I’m particularly glad we were able to offer a way to use these creatures as companions, and the adventures include a fun section where you have to interact with all five types of amulets. On top of all that, we had a lot of fun bringing in some of the most exotic creatures out there Charm Tuned to life D & D Monsters, including things like groffs and trudges found in the Witherbloom Campus Bay, terrifying terrifying characters, powerful characters like the Oracle, the founding dragons, and Atheists.” Check out the few or things you’ll find in them. Chaos curriculum Below, they debut here on io9!

One of the interesting enemies here is not a creature, but a more devious threat to the students of Strixhaven – the recruit Oriq, an agent of a secret organization of dark magicians who can lure your heroes into action to achieve their evil goals. “I think every good monster design starts with the creature’s story — what role it plays in the world, what you expect it to be able to achieve in the context of an adventure, and what kind of adventures you might build around it. The beauty of working from a stable environment like Strixhaven is that the starting point We have a specific in Charm White said of Oriq members’ design of the “Global Team Guide and its illustration in the actual group cards.” D & D. “So the Oriq was founded as a secret society of wizards who use evil ancient magic in pursuit of evil aims. They are especially important in Strixhaven because they like to recruit students who have great potential but don’t necessarily fit into the sorted chests that the bureaucracy likes so much. Oriq is a member of this secret society that aims to infiltrate Strixhaven (hence her wish) self disguise and deception skill), and make friends with these disgruntled students (so that they can reach the person charm And He suggested As well as insight and persuasion skill). This is a very strong starting point, which we can then flesh out with numbers to make an interesting opponent very easy for a DM to use at the table and work on an adventure.”

You will be able to take on these enemies and more as you do so Strixhaven: The Chaos Curriculum It hits shelves on December 7.

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